this is for both lotf and coemu
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 StealArchers Source

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PostSubject: StealArchers Source   Sun Aug 23, 2009 2:47 pm

Credits to SteelArcher as its his source!

About the Package

Ok, this package includes my source, my website, mysql (a MySQL Source), and appserv. Its an all in one package to hopefully stop all the noobs asking where things are etc. I will also include a video guide to help stop some of the questions how to set this up (im sure many will still come tho).

What is in the source?

Water tao promo fixed
Free Plus Stones Fixed
Dis City Leveling Area (not a quest yet)
Serpent/Basilisk/Alien Serpent Spawns
Reborn NPC
Items given on Promo
Labs 1/2/3/4 (all charge 1 db for each level)
Nude Character On Login Fixed
PH's have their own commands
No Longer Get Stuck in Portals (I Think)
/killmap command added
/scroll command added
/kick command added
/dc command added
archer damages fixed
tao damages somewat fixed

What is on Website?

NPC Adder
Total Female/Male Character
Total Accounts/Characters
phpbb3 included (if u want to use)



Video Guide on how to set it up

Client if you do not have one (comes with working loader)
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StealArchers Source
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