this is for both lotf and coemu
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 CoRv1 Base Source (CoEmuV2)

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PostSubject: CoRv1 Base Source (CoEmuV2)   Thu Aug 20, 2009 10:59 pm


Release CoRv1 Based off of CoEmuV2

Release CoRv2? Maybe

What CoRv1 includes:
(This is just a base source not a server >.>)

MOST Npc's (Key ones are not added yet... Left for you to do.)
Bridge Bug Fixed
Equip Talismans
House System <---- (Figure out how to copy the maps NOT ADDED) <--- Everything else is NPCs Fully Working
Size NPC
Ninja Amulet
MightyTao <---- (Checks if reborn if are you can learn Guard and Mob Skills) <-- Released by me already
Ninja Promotion NPC (WindSage)
BotJail NPC (NOT FULL BOTJAIL) <--- NPC that let's Level 14 or below people tour and lets them out
Fixed Shopping Mall
Bunch of little NPC's Also like General Peace (Go to DC) Mine Teleporter person etc.

How does house system work?

Buy a house from House Agent that add +1 House Point.. Then you can also upgrade too. If you've already bought/upgraded a house
He will say "According to my clipboard +CharName+ has already bought a house from me" Once you've bought a house you can go to the
House Admin in the Market and go to your house. <---- I have not figured out how to copy the map so everyone goes to 1 house. I left for you to do!

HousePoint = 0 No House
HousePoint = 1 Regular House
HousePoint = 2 Upgraded House

Yes furniture store has been added but I could not find Furniture ID's so I quit there I already got the coords for you though. Good Luck!

Things you MAY need to fix

JailNPC (Made him right as I rared the source didn't test)
HouseNPC (LIKE I SAID make him copy the house maps so everyone doesn't go to same one other than that he works)
BotJailNPC(OUT Haven't tested SHOULD work)

That's about all.. I have to say have fun! BTW MOST of the NPCS ARE RIPPED FROM CO

Download link is below... With NPC's ripped from real CO (Just the text not the codes)

NOTE: One thing I left you to do is the NewCharacter Spawn

I worked for a while on this source.. Haven't done much lately on it so may not be a CoRv2. All I can say is Good Luck.


dont matter if u use this backup or the one in the source there both the same
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CoRv1 Base Source (CoEmuV2)
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